Monday, October 16, 2006

Hi Colin!

He reads my blog. How cute is that? Today he asked about the mini book and then he picked it up and looked through it. What a cutie!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mini book

So, I took a class yesterday at Memory Lane (where I work) with Sandra Ash. This mini book is AMAZING!!!!! I had signed up for it sight unseen because I absolutley love everything that she makes and then when I saw the book on Thursday night when I went to work I was so excited for Saturday to finally be here. It was a two part class with the second part on Tuesday night, but I'm taking a class with Trudy on Wednesday night (Christmas tags...I'll share them on Wednesday) and didn't want to leave Colin alone two nights in a row, so I brought the book home and finished it last night. The pictures are blurry so I'll try to take better ones tomorrow if the light is better (it's cloudy and rainy today). There were eight chipboard pages in the book and they are all used so I just took a photo of a few of them. I still have to add pictures. On one of the last pages there's a whole notebook so you can write what you feel you are blessed with. The theme of the book is gratitude and we used the 7 Gypsies 97% complete stickers. I want to make a couple for gifts with different stickers now.

I seriously am addicted to crackling now! The crackle came in our store kit in August and it's hard for me not to crackle every piece of chipboard I have in the house. Sandra crackled the cover of this and I was happy about that. *S*

I signed up for Shimelle's You Think YOu Know Me class and am really looking forward to that. I may or may not post what I make. We'll see.

And in seven weeks we are going on vacation!!! Adam and I are taking Colin, Quinn and Else and spending two weeks on the road. We are driving down the Oregon coast (I've always wanted to do that) and going to Disneyland, Vegas, the Grand Canton adn Yellowstone National Park (if we have time for it all). I'm really looking forward to it. I wonder if Adam will let me go to a scrapbook store or two on the way? *S*

I hope everyone is having a fantastic fall!