Saturday, March 31, 2007


So, I've been watching Ali's blog lots in the last few days. Especially today. Today is the deadline for the Six Degrees contest. She's rocking this thing! I think in the last 24 hours, she's had almost 500 donations. Isn't that amazing? I was chatting with her about it last weekend. She had posted that she wanted to get 1000 donations by the end of March and then she said she deleted that, because she never thought she'd get there. I think she's such an inspiring, awesome, great person, that people want to give back to her. So cool!

So Artistry. It was amazing! Inspiring. Creative. Fun. I met some great people. They came from everywhere! That was cool. Long Beach Claifornia, Washington DC, name a few.

It started on Friday morning, but I headed over on Thursday afternoon. I made it to Shannon's by 5ish. Danielle was there already and we convinced Shannon to come down to Treasury of Memories with us instead of going to yogalates. Yeah! That was fun! We hit the mall and Bath and Body store ever! Then we headed over to Treasury, and even though we got there right as they were closing, they let us shop for 30 minutes. That was fun. Quick, but fun. I think by the time we got home and I got in bed, it was wll after midnight. Poor Shannon started getting sick on our way down and by the time we got home pretty muchhad a full on cold.

Friday morning I woke up and headed over to Richmond (from Port Coquitlam...if you know the area) early. I got there around 9am. Ali's class started at 10 that morning. So Jenn and I picked up our goodie bags and wandered around the Richmond Arts Center (is that what it was called?) until Ali's classroom ws ready for us to go hang out in. When I walked into Ali's class, she said "Hey Cate!". cool is that? She had remembered me from January! I was happy. *S*

The album we made that day was amazing. It's her Evolution album. The photo is on the Artistry site. It was ambitious actually. We spent all morning painting. And then the afternoon we started putting it together. I'm not actually sure if anyone finished it, but I know that Jenn and I didn't. Oh, and I'm SO mad! I didn't get a photo of Jenn, nine months pregnant! She's all belly. Looks like there's a basketball up her shirt. *S* Super cute!! So we spent the day with Ali, and left around 5pm. I went backt o Shannon's house, where I met her husband Jon (he was on a business trip the night before). Jon, Danielle and I went out for sushi that night (poor Shannon was sick). I can say with confidance, that I do not like sushi. But I gave it a try again and so that was good. And then we hit the mall so Danielle could pick up some photos, so I ran into Old Navy and bought this shirt. We hit McDonald's on the way home for a creme egg McFlurry. Yum!

Saturday we had classes all day with Donna Downey. We made two mini books. One in the morning and another in the afternoon. I really have to take photos of them, but again they are shown on the Artistry site. Super cute and easy to make. Donna is the funniest person I have ever met. She's real and honest and a total hoot. That was another great day of classes. Oh, and she had some TamTams. Her favourite cookies from Down Under. And she shared them with us. Yummy!!

Saturday night there was a crop at Clipper Street. It was at the Langley location, so almost an hour away, but a fun night. I was one of ony five of us maybe that made it to midnight. I think I made it to bed around 2am that morning...which is why I slept in the next morning and didn't wake up until 10:40am. And Claudine's class started at hour away. *S* Oops! I made it there by noon though. And it was fun. This is the one thing that I actually do have a photo of (see above...I don't know how to move the photos around in the new blogger). My Poppet. I had to use Chloe. I think it's kind of cute. Claudine is super sweet and at the crop on Saturday night she commented that scrapbookers take lots of photos. Isn't that funny?

So that's Artistry in a nut shell. I'd definitely go back again. They sent out a sheet for our feedbacka dn asked who we'd love to have next year, and I said Emily Falconbridge and Tia Bennett. Can you imagine taking a class from Emily? I bet it would be messy and super creative!

Hope you're having a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I have the stomach flu

So I'll update on Artistry, but it may take a couple of days. I went for a run yesterday and had absolutely no energy. Then I fell asleep before 9:00pm (without dinner) and woke up at 12:20am. By 1:00am I was getting sick. I'm feeling better than I was (ie...not throwing up anymore) but I still feel icky. I hope I can go back to work tomorrow. The weather was beautiful today!

And my sweet letter carrier, Michelle, came around to my side door to give me my Scrapologie kit because I wasn't at work. Isn't that sweet?

Well, off to bed again. I'm going to take another gravol tonight so I can sleep the night away!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


I'm home.

It was fabulous.

I'm really tired. *S*

I love Ali, Donna and Claudine (she thinks scrapbookers take lots of pictures *S*).

I'll post more tomorrow.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Five kilometers

Yep...I ran it!

Back in January I joined a run clinic. In Heidi's class this year we had to set a goal and Jenn came up with the idea to run the Seattle half marathon. I loved that goal so I asked if she minded if I did it too. So I joined a run clinic to run a 10km race in April (the last Sunday...eek, I'm nervous!). And with the entry fee into the clinic we got this 5 km race yesterday.

So I did it.

I wanted to beat the 40:00 mark.

I ran it in 33:27.

I'm just a little excited!!!

It's not by any means going to win me any races, but I'm feeling like I'll be able to finish the 10km in less than an hour and a half now.

And when I finshed the race I told myself that I had just ran one quarter of a half marathon. And when I do the 10km in April, that's pretty much half of a half marathon (a half marathon is 21 kms). So I'll be able to do it by November. *S*

And only a week and a half until Artistry...and Ali...and seeing Jenn's super cute baby belly! I really hope the baby has a little foot sticking out so I can feel it! She's due so soon! I'm just a little excited for her. I'll be counting down the days until the Pick of the Patch retreat at the end of May so I can see the baby. He/she should be about six weeks old by then.

Have a great week!!!!!