Saturday, December 16, 2006

We're home!

I'm happy to be home. I totally missed Chloe! It's so nice to cuddle with her again. I think she's happy I'm home too. *S*

Coming home was quite an adventure. Our rental van broke down when we were two hours away from returning it in Seattle (we were still in southern Washington) and then we had a massive rain/wind storm. We missed the last ferry to Victoria so we took a ferry to Nanaimo (an hour and a half north of Victoria) and drove home. The ferry was a two hour ride and didn't land until 12:45, so it was after 2:00am when we got home. And when we were driving over the Malahat (the mountain that seperates Victoria from the rest of the Island), we were hit by a huge branch that ripped the drivers side windshield wiper off the car and we couldn't get the other one off to put on it (with trees creaking and falling around us) so Adam drove with his body leaning over to the passenger side. It was a nail biting ride but we got home safe and sound.

Here's a few of my favourite photos until I can tell you a little about the vacation. A few of them are blurry, but I still love them. *S*

San Diego Zoo...

Universal Studios

Sea World (that's Shamu)

This is Colin petting a sting ray!

Oregon Coast...

If I'd seen this sign first...

then I wouldn't have done this. I climbed up there after Adam, Quinn and Else did. While I was up there a huge wave came up behind me and crashed against the rocks and made it's way up to me (about 20 feet up). My back and butt got soaked. Adam said it didn't look like much from where he was, but it scared me! Those rocks are sharp!

Sea Lion caves...there were hundreds of them in there. It was a little stinky, but super cool!