Sunday, September 02, 2007


So much has happened since I posted last. I think the most exciting thing was spending a week in Penticton with Adam for Ironman. Last Sunday was the race, but the whole week was super inspiring. We arrived on Wednesday afternoon (after a stop at Precious Memories in Langley...even though Adam so wanted to get to Penticton he stopped for me *S*). Adam took full advantage of everything that was going on that week. On Thursday morning there was an underwear run, on Friday night there was a carbo load dinner and then an Ironman/Oldtimers NHL hockey game. There were people running and cycling everywhere you looked. On Sunday we were up by 4:30 and downtown by just after 5am. The race started at 7am and Adam wanted to finish the 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run in about 12 hours. His time ended up being 11:08:12. It was totally amazing to see him pass by me while I was watching way before he kept expecting ot be passing by me. He had an amazing race! There were 2445 finishers and Adam came in 415 overall.

On our way ohome on Tuesday we all went to the PNE. We had spent the whole week in Penticton with some friends and had a great time. Chloe was so excited to see me when I came home. She's kind of been following me around like she thinks I'm going to leave again.

I'll update more later. School starts again on Tuesday and I'm really looking forward to having that time back (as much as I love moody 13 year olds *S*).

Have a great lond weekend!!