Monday, July 21, 2008

Dragon boating

I know it's hard to tell in the photo, but that's me up front. Our drummer dropped out and we were scrambling to find someone ASAP. We needed to have the team roster in by Friday and our team captain managed to get us an extension until today. So I tried it today and had a blast! So it looks like I'm the new drummer for the boat. My throat is a tad sore tonight from shouting so everyone in the boat could hear me, but it was fun. We're racing on August 9th and it's going to be so much fun! Adam is on the team too and it's lots of fun having him there. I's my work team and we needed a few more people, so I asked if he wanted to do it. I'm so glad he did!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Adam bought me Cirque de Soleil tickets for my birthday in February and this past weekend we finally went! It was such a great day! It was all five of us (Adam, myself and the three kids). The kids didn't fight all day. We were totally happy about that! And Colin didn't ask to bring any video games. He grabbed a notebook and a pen on the way out of the house and he and Quinn spent the day drawing comic books. They each drew a frame or two and then passed it to the other one.

The show we saw was Corteo. It was about a funeral and was awesome. I can't get over how they can move their bodies!

While we were in Vancouver we also went to Science World. That was fun for the kids. Even though they'd all been there before it had been a few years, so it was like the first time for all of them. Even Colin, at 14 had a blast. We pretty much had to drag them all out of there, but not before they all bought Astronaut Ice Cream in the gift shop (yuck!!!).

Colin had the camera for a while at Science World and got this photo of me. My hair dresser moved to Saskatchewan two weeks ago, so I thought I'd get my hair cut off again before she left.

How depressing is this photo? Not the fact that the Olympics are that far away still (or that close), but the fact that I am almost the shortest one now. I think Quinn just has to grow and inch or two and he'll pass me. Colin and Else already have (and Colin keeps calling me shorty now).

Adam took these of Else and I during the intermission at Cirque. The shopping tent had a ton of masks and shirts and fun hats and wings and everything else you could imagine from the show. We managed to not spend a penny there though (except for the licorice that Quinn bought).

When Cirque was over we decided to just head for the ferries and eat dinner there (there's quite the food market there now if you haven't been in a few years). It was kind of a rainy day, but it had cleared up quite a bit by then. So we tossed a ball around and played on the beach for a while. I love this shot I got of Else there!