Saturday, December 16, 2006

We're home!

I'm happy to be home. I totally missed Chloe! It's so nice to cuddle with her again. I think she's happy I'm home too. *S*

Coming home was quite an adventure. Our rental van broke down when we were two hours away from returning it in Seattle (we were still in southern Washington) and then we had a massive rain/wind storm. We missed the last ferry to Victoria so we took a ferry to Nanaimo (an hour and a half north of Victoria) and drove home. The ferry was a two hour ride and didn't land until 12:45, so it was after 2:00am when we got home. And when we were driving over the Malahat (the mountain that seperates Victoria from the rest of the Island), we were hit by a huge branch that ripped the drivers side windshield wiper off the car and we couldn't get the other one off to put on it (with trees creaking and falling around us) so Adam drove with his body leaning over to the passenger side. It was a nail biting ride but we got home safe and sound.

Here's a few of my favourite photos until I can tell you a little about the vacation. A few of them are blurry, but I still love them. *S*

San Diego Zoo...

Universal Studios

Sea World (that's Shamu)

This is Colin petting a sting ray!

Oregon Coast...

If I'd seen this sign first...

then I wouldn't have done this. I climbed up there after Adam, Quinn and Else did. While I was up there a huge wave came up behind me and crashed against the rocks and made it's way up to me (about 20 feet up). My back and butt got soaked. Adam said it didn't look like much from where he was, but it scared me! Those rocks are sharp!

Sea Lion caves...there were hundreds of them in there. It was a little stinky, but super cool!

Monday, November 27, 2006


So, it's been way too long since I've updated my blog.

The first weekend of November I went to CKC with Jenn in Bellevue Washington. We went to Amuse and Anthropologie (loved that store!!!). At Anthropologie I bought an adorable owl tea pot. Oh, I love it! I'm hoping I get a chance to go there on our vacation next week.

CKC was okay. I don't know that I'd go back again. The best part was spending time with Jenn and shopping at Bellevue Square (awesome shopping there!) where we got to go to Paper Source. That's an awesome store too!

November 19th I was supposed to go to an Ali class, but she was sick so it was canceled. It worked out for me because I was sick too. I'll enjoy her class much more on January 14th then I would have being sick. And now there's something fun to look forward to after Christmas. Plus, Jenn's belly will be that much bigger.

And in March Jenn and I are going to Artistry 2007! Three whole days of fun! I'm really looking forward to that.

On Saturday we (Adam, the kids and I) leave for sunny California! We're driving down the Oregon coast and going to Disneyland and the Grand Canyon. I'm so excited! I haven't even started packing yet though. Colin is packing up his suitcase right now.

Well, off to do more dishes. I'm trying to get caught up on everything before I leave so when we come home I can get ready for Christmas.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hi Colin!

He reads my blog. How cute is that? Today he asked about the mini book and then he picked it up and looked through it. What a cutie!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mini book

So, I took a class yesterday at Memory Lane (where I work) with Sandra Ash. This mini book is AMAZING!!!!! I had signed up for it sight unseen because I absolutley love everything that she makes and then when I saw the book on Thursday night when I went to work I was so excited for Saturday to finally be here. It was a two part class with the second part on Tuesday night, but I'm taking a class with Trudy on Wednesday night (Christmas tags...I'll share them on Wednesday) and didn't want to leave Colin alone two nights in a row, so I brought the book home and finished it last night. The pictures are blurry so I'll try to take better ones tomorrow if the light is better (it's cloudy and rainy today). There were eight chipboard pages in the book and they are all used so I just took a photo of a few of them. I still have to add pictures. On one of the last pages there's a whole notebook so you can write what you feel you are blessed with. The theme of the book is gratitude and we used the 7 Gypsies 97% complete stickers. I want to make a couple for gifts with different stickers now.

I seriously am addicted to crackling now! The crackle came in our store kit in August and it's hard for me not to crackle every piece of chipboard I have in the house. Sandra crackled the cover of this and I was happy about that. *S*

I signed up for Shimelle's You Think YOu Know Me class and am really looking forward to that. I may or may not post what I make. We'll see.

And in seven weeks we are going on vacation!!! Adam and I are taking Colin, Quinn and Else and spending two weeks on the road. We are driving down the Oregon coast (I've always wanted to do that) and going to Disneyland, Vegas, the Grand Canton adn Yellowstone National Park (if we have time for it all). I'm really looking forward to it. I wonder if Adam will let me go to a scrapbook store or two on the way? *S*

I hope everyone is having a fantastic fall!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Crazy mom...

That's what I am. Yesterday Colin came home with this super cute, tiny little creature, that I assumed was a salamander. It is tiny (1 1/2 inches and super slim). So he takes it upstairs in a tupperware container and shows it to my dad, who suggests Colin get a tank for it and keep it. So less than an hour before Scouts we are running around, spending money on a tank for this tiny little "salamander".

Today I went to work and was telling a guy about the "salamander" that Colin caught and he said, "I bet it's an alligator lizard." (Colin caught it on the road, not in water) So I called Colin before he left for school and told him that it was probably an alligator lizard that he has (he has been begging me for a lizard for a long time).

When I got home from work I googled alligator lizard and found out that they live on Vancouver Island (and are Canada's largest lizard). This one is just a baby so it doesn't look like the pictures, but it sounds like it might actually be the lizard.

So I go to work at Memory Lane and I get a phone call at 3:30 from Colin. A very excited Colin. Apparently when he was walking home from school he took the same road he was on with his friend playing yesterday, and caught an even bigger lizard! This one does look like an alligator lizard. Right now I'd say it's about 4 inches, but I was reading and they get up to 22 cm in length! I don't find it half as cute as the little one (and I had to lift the lid off the tank to get the divider in because he was trying to eat the litte one). And now Colin is at his dad's for the weekend, and I'm stuck with two alligator lizards.

I had thought of two more weird things about myself, but having a tank with two alligator lizards in it sitting at my feet is a little distrating, so I've forgotten them. I'll write them down if I think of them again so I don't forget again.

Five Weird Things About Me

1. I don't like bread...I'll eat bagels and buns that are fresh, but very rarely will I eat bread. It makes me want to throw up just thinking about it.

2. I love how Lululemon Names their clothes.

3. I don't like bridges, at all. I'm always thinking while I'm on one (walking or driving) that we're going to have the big one, and the bridge will plummet into the water below (is that a tad dramatic?).

I'll have to do two more when I get home from work. I'm supposed to be thre in six minutes. *S*

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Sometimes I don't realize how long it's been since I've posted. This weekend has been the most exciting weekend in a while.

Yesterday we went to Saltspring Island for the day (Adam, Quinn, Else and I...Colin was at Scout camp). We went to the local market and then wandered around Ganges (the town on Saltspring). Adam's brother, Josh, lives on the Island so on out way back to the ferry we stopped to visit him. I must say, I'm really jealous! They have a view of the harbour where the ferry comes and goes, and a huge forest behind them where there are deer constantly coming right into the backyard. Trails to explore (with stinging nettle...I walked through with flip flops and only got a little on one of my toes...Josh stomped it down for me so I wouldn't get stung) and school is only four days a week. They just go a little longer each day (8:30-3:15 with a 10 minute recess/break and a 45 minute lunch). My camera had dead batteries, but Adam took a couple of pictures at Josh's house. When he sends them to me I'll see if I can post some.

Today Adam and I went downtown and went for ice cream with Adam's cousin and her husband. They live in Seattle and were on the Island for a wedding yesterday. So today when they were done and waiting for the ferry to go back to Seattle we went downtown to spend an hour with them. I met Michelle just about a month ago, and she's really sweet. So that was a fun afternoon.

Before we went downtown I had Adam take a few photos of me with my new haircut, and I wanted him to take one of us too. I love this photo! It's nice having a boyfriend with long arms! I can hardly wait to scrap this.

And here's my new haircut. I love it! I may even go a little shorter next time.

Carm tagged me to list five weird things about myself. I'm sure I have WAY more than five...I just have to think about it. I'll definitely post them tomorrow though.

Monday, September 04, 2006


So, I love clothes! And shoes. And today I've been getting rid of them. Not just a few, but a TON! I have a big pile for the consignment store and bags and bags for the Salvation Army.

And I'm going to a crop in a couple of weeks where there's going to be a garage sale, so I've been going through all that stuff too. feels good to get rid of stuff. And I'm sure there will be more that I'll be wanting to get rid of in a few weeks when I realize that I don't really need it as much as I think I do today.

Hope everyone else is having a good Labour Day!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Look what we did today...

Colin and I had so much fun! I was given a whale watching tour from a customer for a late Christmas tip and we finally used it today. They said it was the best day they've had all season. There are ninety resident whales that live in the Juan de Fuca Strait, and we saw all of them! Including the two week old baby. I was so overwhelmed when they popped up out of a deep dive only 20-30 meters away from our boat that I got a little misty eyed (that's the last three photos...I had to zoom out to get so many in one shot). It was a perfect afternoon. And to top it all off Colin was a joy today! That's a great day for mom!

I hope everyone else had a fantastic day too! :)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sometimes I wish I had a video camera!

Chloe has this stick that she wants to bring into the house. She's standing at the deck door and puts the stick down so I keep getting up to open the screen and then she leans down and picks up the stick so I close the screen again. She's done it about 20 times so far.

So, I guess it's been a while since I updated my blog. Adam is doing way better. He had a little "run in" with something on Saturday and his collar bone is a little more sore than it had been, but his left arm is doing much better. He's used to how much he can use his arms now so that's easier. And he's driving again.

We went to Parksville a week ago and had a blast. The kids played on the beach and the water park and we went mini golfing and went in bumper boats (where I somehow ended up being the target for the water guns). Here's some photos from that trip.

This Saturday I think we are going to try to go to Saltspring. Last weekend we ended up staying up too late so we didn't make it, but hopefully we will this week. They have an awesome market there with all local artists. I could easily live over there. Canada Post doesn't have any employees over there though...well, maybe one or two, but not too many.

And speaking of Canada Post...I started my new mail route yesterday. I drive a truck now. Like the ones that deliver parcels (big...with the sliding doors). It's weird to be driving such a big truck. Maybe one day I'll see if I can take a photo of my car next to it so I can see the difference. So I've had two long days at work (yesterday was worse than today) but I'm sure in the next couple of weeks I'll have it down pat (I hope anyway!).

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Our girls weekend was FANTASTIC! Jenn and Karen are SO inspiring! I loved every minute I spent with them. Karen can put together an amazing layout in no time at all and have it look like she spent forever on it and Jenn is just plain amazing! She is so inspiring! I had a great time and finally convinced them to go to the tunnels to take photos. They are of course on my camera at home and I'm at Adam's helping him out this week so I'll post some as soon as I get home.

So if I don't post much for the next week it's because I'm busy helping Adam. And he's going to help me add a banner to my blog. :)

Have a great week!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Adam's injuries

Here are a couple of pictures of Adam's injuries. This is just the road rash...obviously you can't see the broken bones. Poor guy! And believe me...the pictures don't do it justice! It's WAY grosser in real life! And way more...this is just the worst of it. He's most worrkied about his nose scarring.

And here's lazy little Chloe after we took her to the lake. She was too cute swimming out to me and then back to the beach. Over and over again. She's really learned to love the beach this year!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Can't sleep

Last night Adam was racing at the velodrome. It was really exciting because it was his first time racing out there! The bike's are different than a road bicycle. They only have one gear and no brakes, so if you stop pedaling you crash.

So...Adam raced AWESOME! He came in third in his first race! And then he won his second race! And then he won his third race!!!! And after he won his third race he was so tired from the effort of the sprint, that he started coasting...or so he thought! I'm SO happy that I missed the crash because the guys at the track later told me that two people that were right on the side of the track immediately called 911 because they knew it was bad. It was so hot that I had taken the kids to McDonalds for half an hour. And if I knew I was going to miss a race I would have headed back earlier than we did. Poor Adam has road rash on his forehead, nose, chin, both shoulders, center of his back, right hip, both knees and both ankles. How in the world he got that much everywhere, instead of just sliding on one side, I'm not sure. He also broke his left shoulder and his right collar bone. So today when I pick him up from the hospital he's going to have both arms in slings (or he better if he knows what's good for him!). He said last night that the worst part was actually his back. All the muscles in it. It was horrible to see him in such total pain. I'm hoping that he lets me bring him back here for a few days. He can't even really sit up on his own, so I don't think he really has a choice.

Well, I'm off to call the hospital, clean my room and pick up his car. Have a good day!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A necklace and a purse

So I was blog reading yesterday and went to Elsie's (it's ALWAYS my first one to read every day) and she had pictures posted of herself signing her first book, and she was wearing these amazing necklaces that I'm pretty sure she made. So I felt inspired to make some myself. I went downtown today to get the stuff to make it and now we'll see if I can turn this...

into what she was wearing.

And as I was walking from one beaad store to another I saw this in a store window and had to have it. It was made locally and has pink flannel lining. Too cute!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Photoshop fun

So, I look at Tara Whitney's blog all the time and I absolutely LOVE her photographs! The colour just blows me away! So tonight I decided to try it (after reinstalling Photoshop because it was missing off my computer). The above photo is my before and the one below is my after. It's not perfect, but I love it! I can see myself doing this to all my photos now!

We had a great weekend with the kids. Once I get the photos from Adam I'll post one or two. We ended up riding our bikes downtown to a paint in (a street was closed for about 10 blocks and lined with painters). It was fun. Then we went to the old Spaghetti Factory for dinner and stopped at the Inner Harbour to watch the street performers.

After we got back to Adam's house we went to a barbecue that a friend of mine from work was having. It was Elvis themed and they even had an Elvis impersonator come. It was a fun night! Of course we both forgot our cameras for that.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Adam!

Today he did a triathlon upIsland. We went up yesterday with his bike racks that he's made that all the triathlons around are using and set them up ( was him and a couple of volunteers). Then we went camping. He was thinking campsite or motel and I said either. I turned down a motel. What was I thining? Camping was so much fun though. And when you get up and leave at 6am then paying for a room isn't worth it.

So Adam raced today and the kids and I made this sign for him this morning, sitting in the back of the van. I know it's hard to see, but we used the 97% Complete stickers (Wow) from 7 Gypsies around the edge and then Elsie alphabet Fontwerks stamps with the polka dots and some AC ribbon. And I have some Technique Tuesday stamps that have a couple of stamps that say #1 and ATHLETE, so we used those after his name. And the arrows are SassaFrassLass stamps.

And then here's Adam crossing the finish line in 23rd place. The kids wanted him to be #1 (it even says so on the sign) and he was aiming for 37th (that's how old he turned today...I hope it's okay to tell people that!).

Colin went sailing with my parents Friday night after being at a birthday party Thursday night. He came home from sailing with a cold and has been asleep since at least 5:30 tonight. Maybe he's going to sleep like I did last weekend. He has a fun skimboarding camp to go to on Tuesday so I hope he's feeling better by then.

And check out this kit. Memory Lane (the scrapbook store I work at) does monthly kits and this one has been flying out of the store. I love it!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fun weekend!

Wow! This weekend was full of fun! Saturday we went to a cabin with a friend of mine from work. There were tons of people there and so Adam and I kind of just hung out and Colin and Else had a blast in the lake. I don't think they were out for more than about half an hour the whole seven hours we were there! And the three of them went tubing together and had a blast!

When we got home I had a nap and then Colin and I went to Adam's and we rode our bike's downtown to watch the fireworks.

Sunday i didn't do much of anything but I fell asleep at 6:30 and woke up Monday morning just after 8:00! I can't believe I slept for more than 13 1/2 hours! I must have needed it!

Monday Colin and I played on the trampoline and made up a couple of games for it. We played War and I won (but I totally cheated!!!). Then we went to see Click (better than i thought it would be...we both cried!). Last night I was expecting Adam to come by and watch the Tour de France for a few hours and then we were going to go to the lake, but he showed up with flowers that he picked on his way over and after 20 minutes of watching cycling he suggested that we go to the driving range. Between the three of us we hit 135 balls. Adam is pretty good! He was getting them far!

That was SO much fun! I haven't been since high school and I really enjoyed it. Then we went to the lake with Chloe. This is the first year that I've been able to get her into the water and she seems to really enjoy it. And Colin loves flipping off Adam's shoulders and being tossed into back flips.

So it was an awesome start to summer!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I still want strawberries!

So I just went outside to check my strawberry plants in daylight. And they have strawberries. And then I see a spider! And a whole bunch of spider web down in the strawberry pot.

I just watched a documentary about spiders with my dad. They move FAST.

So I decide to come inside and get a very long wooden spoon to help me lift the strawberries up high enough that I can grab them without having to put my hand inside the pot where the spider can pounce (or crawl) from it's web nest it's created. I lift the strawberry up, grab it and it slips from my hand and falls right in the dirt beside the web. I only ended up with ONE teeny, tiny strawberry! The rest are all sitting right beside the web, where I'm too scared to grab them.

No more insect documentaries for me!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Yummy! I LOVE local strawberries! But it's 10:41pm and I can't go get any now. So I thought I'd check my strawberry plants outside. If I can buy local strawberries then I should be able to pick them too, right? Nope! I have REALLY big strawberry plants, but NO strawberries on them! Argh! So now I'm totally craving strawberries and I have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, June 19, 2006

It's a gorgeous day!

As soon as Colin gets home from school I'm taking Chloe and Colin to the beach. I'll let Chloe swim to tire her out (awesome new discovery!!!) and Colin will have a blast with her.

I had so much fun with my camera and the trampoline today! Here's a pic of me jumping. Not the most flattering picture and I do love the bright colours lately!

And here's Chloe in the super cute argyle sweater from Sue! Isn't she a cutie pie?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oh...and I've discovered how to wear out a Jack Russell!

Take her swimming! Twice in the last week I've taken Chloe to the lake and thrown sticks and pinecones in for her to fetch. And when we get home she spends the rest of the evening sleeping. Today she couldn't find a stick I threw in and I thought she was going to keep going out until she found it but she luckily turned around. She is just too cute with her little legs paddling! I'll have to remember my camera next time!

Have you seen this?

Mail box

I love it! I've ordered one from Shauna's Shabby Shoppe and she should be getting them this week. I'm so excited! I can hardly wait to decorate it and then leave mail for Colin when I go to work in the morning. I just wish he was still young and would get really excited about it. i'll just have to jazz up the mail once in a while. *S*

Yesterday I spent the day scrapping with Karen. It was atotally fun day! She had a few new sets of stamps that I couldn't say no too! I couldn't find them on her site yet so I'll have to use them and then post it. SO cute though!

Then Adam and I went to a wedding and reception last night. should have seen the food at this reception! Five or six different salads, turkey, ham, chicken corden bleu, rice potatoes and a huge amount of other food! We ended up leaving around 9:00ish though because...

Adam did the Half Ironman Triathlon today! Adam is so funny! He has been so busy organizing all these other races that he had no time to train. So two weeks ago he went on a bike ride or two and then last Sunday he decided to go for a swim. He went on another swim on Monday (only two swims since labour day) and he's done a few runs (none as long as today's though). His time was around 5:27. I'll post when I know the exact time. And being the lovely girlfriend that I am I forgot my camera. But his friends girlfriend said she got 4 good photos of him so I'll post one when he sends them to me (which you will...right *S*).

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yesterday was awesome!

Trudy, Sandra, Julia and I all went to the mainland for scrapbook shopping. Spending the day with the three of them was so much fun! Here's a pic of Sandra, Trudy and I (with my new haircut).

I got the cutest wicker purse from Bath & Body Works while we were down there. SO cheap too! I looked on the site and didn't see it there so when I get home from work tonight I'll post a pic. It's so cute! I also got the new MM Photo Decor chipboard. SO cool! I think all four of us bought the flower and then we all bought a letter. I got the "C" of course!

Hope your all having a great weekend!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hero Arts stamps

I have some of their boxed sets and I'm wondering if you guys keep them in the boxes, or if you break the sets apart and just stick them in with all your other stamps? I am trying to decide what to do and I need help! I have a couple of old jars that I got from a garage sale and I remember seeing or hearing recently that someone was keeping wooden mounter stamps in them and I love that idea. So help me please!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's six o'clock

on Mother's Day and Colin has been asleep since 11:30 this morning. He doesn't have a fever, but he obviously isn't feeling well. He did get up and make me breakfast in bed though. Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. Frozen waffles of course. Cute though!

And he had made me a card too. Here's the inside.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms and moms to be!*S*

And look what I found on Colin's camera. I had to use his to take a photo of his card and thought this was funny! And y'all thought I was bad! *S*

Sunday, May 07, 2006

National Scrapbooking Day

Did everyone have fun yesterday? I did! I totally scrapped! I only got two layouts done, but that's really good for me!

The first one is one I started in Tia Bennett's class at the Pick of the Patch retreat (her Scriptologie class) a couple of weeks ago. I had actually lost the layout and started it over and finished it yesterday. It was for Elsie's show the love contest. I really like how it turned out. Adam helped me with it too! *S*

The second one is one that was a challenge on Two Peas. It was to use as many manufacturers as you could on one layout. I used 31 (not including adhesive). It was so much fun! The winner used something like 58! Crazy!!!

Have a great week! Hugs!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

So, I am standing at my deck door...

and what do I see? Chloe is eating cat poop!!!! YUCK!!! I was talking on the phone with Adam and I said I would have to call him back and went chasing after her. Where did she run? Into the house!!! And when she runs into the house that usually means onto my bed (with bird pieces and snakes that the cat leaves her)! Luckily she dropped it (right on the carpet) and I grabbed her and put her into the bathroom. And the poop is now in the backyard where she won't get it...hopefully! No puppy kisses for me for a while!

And to make Mary happy I'm finally posting a layout! I promise there will be more! Colin is going camping tomorrow afternoon so when I get home from working at Memory Lane I'm planning on getting on my pj's and staying in them until late on Saturday afternoon. So I will take pics of a bunch of things and then post them over the next couple of days.

This is Colin with his head leaning against his skateboard. I think I've scrapped it before, but I love the picture! I put Glossy Accents on the arrows and painted the cardstock and then put on one of Rhonna's rub-ons.