Saturday, June 24, 2006

I still want strawberries!

So I just went outside to check my strawberry plants in daylight. And they have strawberries. And then I see a spider! And a whole bunch of spider web down in the strawberry pot.

I just watched a documentary about spiders with my dad. They move FAST.

So I decide to come inside and get a very long wooden spoon to help me lift the strawberries up high enough that I can grab them without having to put my hand inside the pot where the spider can pounce (or crawl) from it's web nest it's created. I lift the strawberry up, grab it and it slips from my hand and falls right in the dirt beside the web. I only ended up with ONE teeny, tiny strawberry! The rest are all sitting right beside the web, where I'm too scared to grab them.

No more insect documentaries for me!

Friday, June 23, 2006


Yummy! I LOVE local strawberries! But it's 10:41pm and I can't go get any now. So I thought I'd check my strawberry plants outside. If I can buy local strawberries then I should be able to pick them too, right? Nope! I have REALLY big strawberry plants, but NO strawberries on them! Argh! So now I'm totally craving strawberries and I have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, June 19, 2006

It's a gorgeous day!

As soon as Colin gets home from school I'm taking Chloe and Colin to the beach. I'll let Chloe swim to tire her out (awesome new discovery!!!) and Colin will have a blast with her.

I had so much fun with my camera and the trampoline today! Here's a pic of me jumping. Not the most flattering picture and I do love the bright colours lately!

And here's Chloe in the super cute argyle sweater from Sue! Isn't she a cutie pie?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oh...and I've discovered how to wear out a Jack Russell!

Take her swimming! Twice in the last week I've taken Chloe to the lake and thrown sticks and pinecones in for her to fetch. And when we get home she spends the rest of the evening sleeping. Today she couldn't find a stick I threw in and I thought she was going to keep going out until she found it but she luckily turned around. She is just too cute with her little legs paddling! I'll have to remember my camera next time!

Have you seen this?

Mail box

I love it! I've ordered one from Shauna's Shabby Shoppe and she should be getting them this week. I'm so excited! I can hardly wait to decorate it and then leave mail for Colin when I go to work in the morning. I just wish he was still young and would get really excited about it. i'll just have to jazz up the mail once in a while. *S*

Yesterday I spent the day scrapping with Karen. It was atotally fun day! She had a few new sets of stamps that I couldn't say no too! I couldn't find them on her site yet so I'll have to use them and then post it. SO cute though!

Then Adam and I went to a wedding and reception last night. should have seen the food at this reception! Five or six different salads, turkey, ham, chicken corden bleu, rice potatoes and a huge amount of other food! We ended up leaving around 9:00ish though because...

Adam did the Half Ironman Triathlon today! Adam is so funny! He has been so busy organizing all these other races that he had no time to train. So two weeks ago he went on a bike ride or two and then last Sunday he decided to go for a swim. He went on another swim on Monday (only two swims since labour day) and he's done a few runs (none as long as today's though). His time was around 5:27. I'll post when I know the exact time. And being the lovely girlfriend that I am I forgot my camera. But his friends girlfriend said she got 4 good photos of him so I'll post one when he sends them to me (which you will...right *S*).

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Yesterday was awesome!

Trudy, Sandra, Julia and I all went to the mainland for scrapbook shopping. Spending the day with the three of them was so much fun! Here's a pic of Sandra, Trudy and I (with my new haircut).

I got the cutest wicker purse from Bath & Body Works while we were down there. SO cheap too! I looked on the site and didn't see it there so when I get home from work tonight I'll post a pic. It's so cute! I also got the new MM Photo Decor chipboard. SO cool! I think all four of us bought the flower and then we all bought a letter. I got the "C" of course!

Hope your all having a great weekend!