Saturday, June 24, 2006

I still want strawberries!

So I just went outside to check my strawberry plants in daylight. And they have strawberries. And then I see a spider! And a whole bunch of spider web down in the strawberry pot.

I just watched a documentary about spiders with my dad. They move FAST.

So I decide to come inside and get a very long wooden spoon to help me lift the strawberries up high enough that I can grab them without having to put my hand inside the pot where the spider can pounce (or crawl) from it's web nest it's created. I lift the strawberry up, grab it and it slips from my hand and falls right in the dirt beside the web. I only ended up with ONE teeny, tiny strawberry! The rest are all sitting right beside the web, where I'm too scared to grab them.

No more insect documentaries for me!


Carmen said...

Well, that is funny!! Your imagination is worse than my Ethan's!! Definitely NO MORE spider documentaries for you!!

Sue said...

I wouldn't have picked them either, Cate!!

So.... did you head to the market, instead?!!? :D

Heather M. said...

LOL!!! i'd be freaked out too!

Marina said...

Oh poor Cate... Hmmm not sure how I would have reacted to the spiders, but maybe if I wanted them bad enough I would have gotten one of the girls to get it for me.

Hope that one little one was the best you've had!!

MonaS! said...

LOL - you are sooooo funny!!! I probably would have freaked out too! I'm with Sue - get em at the grocery store or something!