Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fun weekend!

Wow! This weekend was full of fun! Saturday we went to a cabin with a friend of mine from work. There were tons of people there and so Adam and I kind of just hung out and Colin and Else had a blast in the lake. I don't think they were out for more than about half an hour the whole seven hours we were there! And the three of them went tubing together and had a blast!

When we got home I had a nap and then Colin and I went to Adam's and we rode our bike's downtown to watch the fireworks.

Sunday i didn't do much of anything but I fell asleep at 6:30 and woke up Monday morning just after 8:00! I can't believe I slept for more than 13 1/2 hours! I must have needed it!

Monday Colin and I played on the trampoline and made up a couple of games for it. We played War and I won (but I totally cheated!!!). Then we went to see Click (better than i thought it would be...we both cried!). Last night I was expecting Adam to come by and watch the Tour de France for a few hours and then we were going to go to the lake, but he showed up with flowers that he picked on his way over and after 20 minutes of watching cycling he suggested that we go to the driving range. Between the three of us we hit 135 balls. Adam is pretty good! He was getting them far!

That was SO much fun! I haven't been since high school and I really enjoyed it. Then we went to the lake with Chloe. This is the first year that I've been able to get her into the water and she seems to really enjoy it. And Colin loves flipping off Adam's shoulders and being tossed into back flips.

So it was an awesome start to summer!


Sue said...

What a great way to start summer! And those flowers were such a sweet gesture!

Carmen said...

The flowers are beautiful!! What a totally fun weekend!

JennD said...

You took some amazing pics up there! Glad you got all that sleep - sounds like you needed it!

MonaS! said...

Sounds like you had soooo much fun. The flowers are beautiful! What a great weekend you had.