Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I did it...

and actually went a little further than yesterday. Only by about two minutes, but it was further. I'm going to take tomorrow off because my legs are sore (if they're still sore tomorrow). And being a letter carrier and all it's not like a really don't get any exercise. :) And I'm still working on my art journal, but tomorrow I should get more of it done. I'll definitely post a pic of something done in it tomorrow.

Colin had a dentist appointment today and he was in with the dentist and hygenist and they were laughing like crazy. The hygenist came out and said that Colin was pretty funny. When we left the dentist office I asked him what he was doing to make them laugh so much and he said just being himself. What a funny guy! He left enjoying the dentist though...and he's always hated going! He has one cavity so at least it'll be easier to get him there next time!

I got all responsible last Friday morning and made an appointment for him to get his eye's checked too. He goes on Saturday at 9:00. He's supposed to wear glasses and never does, so I'm curious to see if his eyes are any worse. I've never really noticed him squinting to read things or play on the computer, so we'll see. When he first got the glasses he chewed one of the arms off (the part that curls behind his ear) and said they broke. They were $400+ glasses so I was NOT a happy mom. Amazing how smart they are in grade 2! So my dad fixed them and it was a constant battle to get him to wear them. So he never really wore them at school.

Well, off to go scrap! Have a great evening!

Day 2...

It's 6pm and the last thing I feel like doing right now is running. I've been going all day long. But I'm going to go right now and I'll post later. I've also been working on the cover of my art journal. I'll post that too! :)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Day 1

I did it...went for a short run! Short, but done. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow now! Let's just see if I can do 21 days.

I'm going to work on my art journal tonight, so if I get anything done I will post it tomorrow. I'm tired too so I may just go to bed.

Good night!

I know what I'll do!

I think I'm going to start running. Adam really wants me to run so that we have something in common, and I would love to be able to run again. I used to run, but haven't in years and will admit that I don't really like it anymore. But that's what I'm going to do. And hopefully I'll love it again!

Now, realistically I won't run every day for 21 days, but I plan on running 16 of them. And then I also want to work on something else. Thinking before I spend money. I want to buy a laptop and my goal is to buy it in July. I *LOVE* spending money, so this is going to be a hard one. But I think becoming more aware of what I spend my money on for 21 days will make it easier to be more aware of it from now on.

I'm *SO* glad that Rhonna has started this! Thank you for being such an inspiring person!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The {21} Challenge

Still trying to think of what to do. I don't want to stress about it, but want to have it to start tomorrow when Rhonna starts posting. Eek!

So, I've been a bad blogger. I guess there's lots of us out there. But I just signed up for Rhonna's 21 day challnge so now I'll be better...at least for 21 days. And then that'll be my habit I guess! I can't think of what I want to work on yet. Maybe organizing my house.

And did anyone see her stamps!?! I *need* them! SO gorgeous! I seriously want those flower and bird sets! http://rhonnafarrer.typepad.com/dreamy/

Last weekend Jenn and I went to Treasury of Memories for four Elsie Flannigan classes. I would seriously travel the world taking her classes if I could! I *loved* it SO much! I'll post the stuff I made on my blog later. I still haven't taken pctures of it yet.

Oh, and Jenn and I have some Ali stuff coming to us. Fun! I can hardly wait to get it at the Pick of the Patch retreat weekend (which is going to be AWESOME...I'm taking three Tia Bennett classes and I'm thinking of taking her fourth.)

Have a great Sunday!