Saturday, February 16, 2008

I'm home...

and SO tired!!! I've been sleeping a lot since I got home, trying to make up for what I didn't get when I was gone I guess. I suppose that's what happens when you have six women staying in a hotel room together. It was fun from the time I got dropped off at Tara's last Thursday until I got home this Thursday morning. Here's just kind of a mishmash of fun photos from the trip. Enjoy!! (and apparently iPhoto doesn't like me yet again...argh!!!)

My suitcase with the LAX tag on it. There's a little glare, but I know what it says. :)

Tara, Kim (Moreno) and I in California Adventure. This was the first time I'd met Kim and she had me laughing constantly!

Me and Colin's favourite, Pluto. He is adorable, isn't he? And I noticed that his ear is flipped up like Chloe's get (which drives me nuts and I always have to flip it down). And you can see my newest pink streaks in this photo. I LOVE the colour of them!

Me in my pink jammies getting the press release ready for the press room. We were punching and adding keychains to things late into Saturday night.

Me in my birthday hat from Sandra. Isn't it adorable (maybe not me in it, but the hat)? It totally reminds me of the unbirthday hat from Alice in Wonderland. I'm going to think that every time I see it now.

This is a blurry photo of the eight of us going on on Sunday night (my birthday). It's myself, Natalia, Kim, Holly, Sandra, Tara, Becky and Anna. Sandra and Anna ended up having to leave the Cheesecake Factory because Anna had a migraine, but we had a ton f fun before they left.

The very pretty table in the Pageframes booth. The stuff that the DT made was unbelievable!

And Colin and his friend Nigel picked a number from the posts on my last blog entry, and number 10 wins. That's karenmc. So I'll contact you to see what pattern you want.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pageframes CHA sneak peek

Pageframes has some cool new products coming out!! Tara is releasing patterned shapes, albums and pages in the same material that you've grown to love, and a super cool thinner material (same thickness as the Hambly Heavy Overlays). I played with them (see the album) and cut it myself with my Tonic trimmer (and it cuts with scissors great also!!). These are going to be available in 12x12 sheets so you can cut it and make your own album or shapes. I cut the 12x12 sheet in half for the 6x12 album.

Tell me what you think and your name will be entered to win a heavy overlay of your choice.

Monday, February 04, 2008


On Saturday Adam and I took the kids and went to Saltspring for the day. I think Saltspring Island is one of my favourite places ever. When you go there you can feel yourself relaxing. Adam's brother, Josh, lives there and had told Adam about a lake there that was frozen. So we decided to head over for the day and check it out. When we got there it was like a winter wonderland. Saltspring itself was green, like Victoria, but once we started driving up the mountain there was snow everywhere.

So we got to the lake and it was still frozen and covered in snow, so the guys used hockey sticks and boards to clean it off. After playing on a smaller section for three hours someone else showed up with shovels and they shoveled and played for another hour. It was just an awesome day!

Chloe trying to stay warm in Adam's bag. My mom knit her this sweater for her birthday this year.

Josh and the kids walking up the mountain after Josh and Adam both got their cars stuck on the way up. Then they rode those crazy carpets all the way back down to the cars when we left.

Colin spent the four hours at the lake playing with Bobby. He absolutely loved him! (and I had my camera on ISO 800 the whole time I was there, so the good ones are shot on automatic...this one obviously wasn't. Live and learn though, right?)

I love Chloe's tongue here!!

Adam and his brother playing hockey together.