Friday, September 29, 2006

Crazy mom...

That's what I am. Yesterday Colin came home with this super cute, tiny little creature, that I assumed was a salamander. It is tiny (1 1/2 inches and super slim). So he takes it upstairs in a tupperware container and shows it to my dad, who suggests Colin get a tank for it and keep it. So less than an hour before Scouts we are running around, spending money on a tank for this tiny little "salamander".

Today I went to work and was telling a guy about the "salamander" that Colin caught and he said, "I bet it's an alligator lizard." (Colin caught it on the road, not in water) So I called Colin before he left for school and told him that it was probably an alligator lizard that he has (he has been begging me for a lizard for a long time).

When I got home from work I googled alligator lizard and found out that they live on Vancouver Island (and are Canada's largest lizard). This one is just a baby so it doesn't look like the pictures, but it sounds like it might actually be the lizard.

So I go to work at Memory Lane and I get a phone call at 3:30 from Colin. A very excited Colin. Apparently when he was walking home from school he took the same road he was on with his friend playing yesterday, and caught an even bigger lizard! This one does look like an alligator lizard. Right now I'd say it's about 4 inches, but I was reading and they get up to 22 cm in length! I don't find it half as cute as the little one (and I had to lift the lid off the tank to get the divider in because he was trying to eat the litte one). And now Colin is at his dad's for the weekend, and I'm stuck with two alligator lizards.

I had thought of two more weird things about myself, but having a tank with two alligator lizards in it sitting at my feet is a little distrating, so I've forgotten them. I'll write them down if I think of them again so I don't forget again.

Five Weird Things About Me

1. I don't like bread...I'll eat bagels and buns that are fresh, but very rarely will I eat bread. It makes me want to throw up just thinking about it.

2. I love how Lululemon Names their clothes.

3. I don't like bridges, at all. I'm always thinking while I'm on one (walking or driving) that we're going to have the big one, and the bridge will plummet into the water below (is that a tad dramatic?).

I'll have to do two more when I get home from work. I'm supposed to be thre in six minutes. *S*

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Sometimes I don't realize how long it's been since I've posted. This weekend has been the most exciting weekend in a while.

Yesterday we went to Saltspring Island for the day (Adam, Quinn, Else and I...Colin was at Scout camp). We went to the local market and then wandered around Ganges (the town on Saltspring). Adam's brother, Josh, lives on the Island so on out way back to the ferry we stopped to visit him. I must say, I'm really jealous! They have a view of the harbour where the ferry comes and goes, and a huge forest behind them where there are deer constantly coming right into the backyard. Trails to explore (with stinging nettle...I walked through with flip flops and only got a little on one of my toes...Josh stomped it down for me so I wouldn't get stung) and school is only four days a week. They just go a little longer each day (8:30-3:15 with a 10 minute recess/break and a 45 minute lunch). My camera had dead batteries, but Adam took a couple of pictures at Josh's house. When he sends them to me I'll see if I can post some.

Today Adam and I went downtown and went for ice cream with Adam's cousin and her husband. They live in Seattle and were on the Island for a wedding yesterday. So today when they were done and waiting for the ferry to go back to Seattle we went downtown to spend an hour with them. I met Michelle just about a month ago, and she's really sweet. So that was a fun afternoon.

Before we went downtown I had Adam take a few photos of me with my new haircut, and I wanted him to take one of us too. I love this photo! It's nice having a boyfriend with long arms! I can hardly wait to scrap this.

And here's my new haircut. I love it! I may even go a little shorter next time.

Carm tagged me to list five weird things about myself. I'm sure I have WAY more than five...I just have to think about it. I'll definitely post them tomorrow though.

Monday, September 04, 2006


So, I love clothes! And shoes. And today I've been getting rid of them. Not just a few, but a TON! I have a big pile for the consignment store and bags and bags for the Salvation Army.

And I'm going to a crop in a couple of weeks where there's going to be a garage sale, so I've been going through all that stuff too. feels good to get rid of stuff. And I'm sure there will be more that I'll be wanting to get rid of in a few weeks when I realize that I don't really need it as much as I think I do today.

Hope everyone else is having a good Labour Day!