Friday, September 29, 2006

Crazy mom...

That's what I am. Yesterday Colin came home with this super cute, tiny little creature, that I assumed was a salamander. It is tiny (1 1/2 inches and super slim). So he takes it upstairs in a tupperware container and shows it to my dad, who suggests Colin get a tank for it and keep it. So less than an hour before Scouts we are running around, spending money on a tank for this tiny little "salamander".

Today I went to work and was telling a guy about the "salamander" that Colin caught and he said, "I bet it's an alligator lizard." (Colin caught it on the road, not in water) So I called Colin before he left for school and told him that it was probably an alligator lizard that he has (he has been begging me for a lizard for a long time).

When I got home from work I googled alligator lizard and found out that they live on Vancouver Island (and are Canada's largest lizard). This one is just a baby so it doesn't look like the pictures, but it sounds like it might actually be the lizard.

So I go to work at Memory Lane and I get a phone call at 3:30 from Colin. A very excited Colin. Apparently when he was walking home from school he took the same road he was on with his friend playing yesterday, and caught an even bigger lizard! This one does look like an alligator lizard. Right now I'd say it's about 4 inches, but I was reading and they get up to 22 cm in length! I don't find it half as cute as the little one (and I had to lift the lid off the tank to get the divider in because he was trying to eat the litte one). And now Colin is at his dad's for the weekend, and I'm stuck with two alligator lizards.

I had thought of two more weird things about myself, but having a tank with two alligator lizards in it sitting at my feet is a little distrating, so I've forgotten them. I'll write them down if I think of them again so I don't forget again.

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JennD said...

Eeewww! I don't know how thrilled I'd be about having 2 alligator lizards in my living room. Are they totally staring at you? You're a better person than I. *S*