Monday, March 12, 2007

Five kilometers

Yep...I ran it!

Back in January I joined a run clinic. In Heidi's class this year we had to set a goal and Jenn came up with the idea to run the Seattle half marathon. I loved that goal so I asked if she minded if I did it too. So I joined a run clinic to run a 10km race in April (the last Sunday...eek, I'm nervous!). And with the entry fee into the clinic we got this 5 km race yesterday.

So I did it.

I wanted to beat the 40:00 mark.

I ran it in 33:27.

I'm just a little excited!!!

It's not by any means going to win me any races, but I'm feeling like I'll be able to finish the 10km in less than an hour and a half now.

And when I finshed the race I told myself that I had just ran one quarter of a half marathon. And when I do the 10km in April, that's pretty much half of a half marathon (a half marathon is 21 kms). So I'll be able to do it by November. *S*

And only a week and a half until Artistry...and Ali...and seeing Jenn's super cute baby belly! I really hope the baby has a little foot sticking out so I can feel it! She's due so soon! I'm just a little excited for her. I'll be counting down the days until the Pick of the Patch retreat at the end of May so I can see the baby. He/she should be about six weeks old by then.

Have a great week!!!!!


Kelsey said...

WTG Cate!!!!!!

You will have no problems with the 10K..... I am getting back into running also, after two years!!! URG! Just need to get motivated again :-)


JennD said...

Congrats on finishing the run - and in such an awesome time! You're totally going to be addicted now. *S*

Only one more week until you're here for Artistry. Can't wait! And no worries about feeling a foot or bum or something - this baby pushes all the time.

Sue said...

Congratulations, Cate!!
What a great accomplishment! Colin & Adam must be so proud of you!
Give Jenn's belly an extra rub for me! :)