Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So, it's January and that time of the year for setting goals, making resolutions and picking a word of the year. It was harder this year for me to think of a word, but I think I'm going to go with 'balance'. I've been going to hot yoga and I figure that's a good word for yoga, but also just for life.

I get weekly email updates from Lululemon and when I was reading the email this evening I saw that they're having a life coach come to the store in Victoria next Tuesday to talk about setting goals. They even have a section on their site where you can record and track your goals. I think that's an awesome idea and how cool that it's right there and easy to use.

I hope you're having a great week! And the photos from the last post were taken with Adam's Nikon fisheye lens as well as this photo from Seattle last May. I LOVE this lens!!!!


JennD said...

Thanks for the link to the Lulu goal setting site. I've never seen that - it's really cool.

Anonymous said...

welcome back Cate...love the effect of that fish eye lens too.

Heather M. said...

awesome photo!!!! so cool!

balance was one of the words i was considering this year too. i decided to go with discipline... eeks!