Saturday, February 28, 2009

6 more random things

Maybe it's because it's way too late, but those random things about me seem lame, but since I've already posted them I'll leave them and post better ones.

1. I'd say 80% of my clothes come from American Eagle Outfitters. The other 20% are mostly Roxy, Billabong, Gap and Lululemon. Almost all of them I've bought on sale.

2. Sarah McLachlan has been my favourite singer for over ten years. And the Barenaked Ladies have been my favourite band for over 15 years. I'm sad that Steven left the band, but am excited to see what he does on his own and what the band will do without him.

3. I'm addicted to the Bubble Bazinga widget on my dashboard. My high score is 187500 and that had me in the top 1000 players at first. Now I'm number 1139.

4. I'm also addicted to the Flickr Interestingness widget. I've favourited a ton of photos from it.

5. I've been up for almost three hours and still don't feel tired. I think I'm going to start watching a movie to see if that will put me to sleep. I haven't left my bed except to get my laptop though. :)

6. In that three hours I think I've gone pee at least three times and have actually gotten Colin and his friend to go to sleep. It's normal that they try to stay up all night, so I'm happy that they're sleeping.


JennD said...

You are really going to be tired today! I still have your email where you explained the flickr widget to me in my inbox. Maybe I'll set it up today. What movie did you end up watching? The Devil Wears Prada is going to be on tv tonight or tomorrow night.

Heather M. said...

Hey Cate! So great to see your lists. I love both of them and learned lots about you!

Can't wait to see what you've been making lately! I love that skirt - it's adorable!