Monday, July 02, 2007


I hope everyone had a great Canada Day! Colin was at his dad's and he called me last night to let me know that Titanic was on tv and we talked about how sad it was that Tracey and Allana don't live in Vancouver anymore because we used to always spend Canada Day with them. I'm sure they can't stay away from Vancouver long though!!

I was just looking for a photo of Adam doing his half iron triathlon a couple of weeks ago when I found this photo of me at work. I needed a photo for a class I was taking from Kah-Mei at the POTP retreat of myself at work. So that's the truck I drive. It's new and nice! I love it! It's big too!!

So here's Adam racing a couple of weeks ago. He wanted to qualify for the Ironman Canda race in Penticton in August. Here he is waiting for the swim to start. Swimming is his least favourite part of a triathlon, so he's always nervous right before the race starts.

After the swim he goes on the bike ride, which I can rarely get good photos of because they are in transition and out of transition and gone on their bikes before you know it and I'd rather cheer for him than try to get a great photo of that. So I didn't get a good photo...just a blurry one that I won't inflict on you. But here he is after his bike ride getting on his runners for the run.

The swim was about 2kms, the bike was 80kms adn the run was 20kms. Here he is after the first 10km of the run.

So when Adam crossed the finish line he was pretty sure he hadn't qualified for the Ironman. But the next night he got an email telling him they had a spot for him! So we're heading to Penticton in August for the Ironman! I'm SO dang excited!! My man is going to be in Ironman!!

Well, it's totally late and I have to be at work early tomorrow. Have a great week everyone!!


JennD said...

Congrats to Adam. That is so cool that he qualified! You guys are going to have an awesome time in Penticton.

Love the pic of you and your truck! *S*

Sue said...

Wow! Congrats, Adam! What an accomplishment! Good luck in Penticton!!

And Cate, just how cute are you beside that big ole' truck!?!

danielle said...

That's awesome cate! Congrats to Adam! the pics are great!!! You are definetly gonna have to get some good ones in penticton- may see you up there if i decide to go and check it out!

Crystal said...

Have fun in Penticton! Our daughter Naomi has done a couple of half triathalons (I think that's the right name) so I can follow your descriptions of stuff now.

I like the newest LOs you've posted! I love seeing how your style has developed.

Kelli said...

Congrats to your man!
I grew up at triathlons, my dad did them for years, including the Ironman. They make for a very boring summer for a kid not interested in them. You will have to head to Kelowna while you are up in the area.

Shannon said...

COngrats Adam!!!!!!

so when are you going to come scrap wiht us!!!

Heather M. said...

Holy cow!!! That is AWESOME!!! WTG Adam!
Oh and awesome photo of you!!!