Thursday, April 24, 2008

Photos for a day

So Shimelle has come up with this great idea. To take photos all day long on the 25th of the month for a year and scrap them. So I'm plugging in my camera battery tonight to make sure it's all charged up and I plan on taking photos all day tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to when the 25th doesn't fall on a Friday (Fridays are pretty boring for me because I work at two jobs all day long) but I'll make it fun.

- photo taken by Shimelle (this is her Flickr account)

I've started working my way through my list of things to do this spring. I bought Colin a new bike and then Adam and I bought me a new bike (it even has a basket, that Chloe doesn't really like). I took it to work one day this week and it's my plan to start taking it almost every day. It's just been a busy week for me where I had to get home for something. And it's been windy and cold. Where is our spring??

And I figured out why I love that new cleaning stuff so much. It smells like fresh cut grass. I think that's one of my favourite "fresh" smells, so I love using it!

Adam and I went to Sooke last weekend and stayed in a super cute B&B. We stayed in the Garden Spa Room. And then we ate dinner at the Sooke Harbour House, which was totally amazing. The food was like art and tasted amazing! We also biked around and walked out on Whiffen Spit. If you ever get the chance to go there, make sure you do it! We're going to go back for sure!!

Here's a few photos from the weekend (all taken by Adam).

This is the view from our room. The last row of bushes you see has an 80 foot drop on the other side right down to the rocks. And then it's all ocean until you see the mountains. That's Washington.

This is in a huge mirror that was out on the patio in front of the Sooke Harbour House. They have a great "gift shop" (it was really more like an art gallery with all local artists...gorgeous stuff!) that spreads out to the deck (I'm assuming they don't do that in the rainy winter though). If you look closely you can see the whale carving on top of the fence that hides the parking lot. And in the gift shop I bought a super cute candle holder that they had on the tables in the restaurant. It has a little bird perching on it.

When we were walking out on Whiffen Spit we found this great washed up row boat.


JennD said...

I can't wait to see all your pics from today! Love the pics from your weekend getaway - it must have been so gorgeous to walk out of your room and look at that.

Kimberly said...

What a FUN idea! LOVE it! Love the photograph of the hand too....super fun! You are just the cutest! xoxo