Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things I want to do this spring

I was thinking today of some things I want to do this spring. Here's a few of them...

- Make aprons.
- Finish Shannon's camera strap (I'm still on the look out).
- Make my first quilt (I bought the fabric today...it's called Celebrate Spring).
- Buy Colin a new bike and go on more bike rides, and maybe put a basket on mine so Chloe can come with us.
- Keep up the spring cleaning. I bought some yummy smelling biodegradable all purpose cleaner at Shoppers that smells good enough that I love cleaning right now. Pear and violet...yummy!
- Take a photo a day (I'm going to try it again).
- Read more. We've been going to the library tons lately and I'm loving all the books. I just walk up and down the fiction section and look for the "fluff" books. If it's pink, purple, yellow, light green or light blue, I'll probably enjoy it as a quick read.

Has anyone read Marley & Me? It's SO good! I'm loving it. And realizing that Chloe is not as bad as I thought she was. She's a smart one though. It's amazing how our pets can manipulate us to get what they want. She knows how to get a treat, every time!

Girls Just Want to Have Fun was delayed until April 29th. Juno came out today though, so I'm sure I can watch that a sufficient amount of times to tide me over.

Hope everyone is enjoying April!!


JennD said...

I love, love, love your list for spring!!!! You're making me want to make a list of my own.
And you're totally tempting me to run out and get Marley & Me. It's supposed to be super cute and funny.

Shannon said...

I'm going to do one too!!!!! Great idea. Do you want me to send you my strap??

Kimberly said...

OMGoodness I collect aprons...HOW FUN! I actually just picked up the cutest pattern EVAH and got the material for it...now to actually make it! Eeeee. So glad to see you updated too! xoxo
Love ya,

Heather M. said...

Great list! Can't wait to see your quilt! :)

Kelli said...

Marley and Me is a great book. Made us realize that our 'bad' dogs aren't that bad.