Thursday, April 20, 2006


I am a worry wart! Colin just left to go camping with his Scout group. I borrowed Adam's headlamp for him to use because I thought it would be a lot easier for him to do stuff at night with it instead of a flashlight. He forgot it. And now that he's gone I'm all worried about him camping for the weekend. They were supposed to meet at 3:45 but one boy showed up 45 minutes late so they will probably be setting up camp at night. And his pack is over 25 pounds...and he weighs 71. That's a lot to carry. I know he'll be okay. The two leaders that went are pretty cool and young and the boys will love them (they are substitutes for teh real ones). I just have to breathe!

BUT...Colin left his Oh Henry Easter egg on the counter (I had asked him to help me with something). And it's open. I can't leave open candy sitting in the kitchen until he comes home, right? :)

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