Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm so blonde sometimes!

So, Saturday I put my contacts in and they were totally bothering me. I wore them for 12 hours anyway. Then I wore them for 12 hours yesterday. This morning I went to the optometrist. I had them in the wrong eyes! I don't know how I did it because i was sure I'm really careful...I guess not. So they feel much better now.

Colin survived camp. He seemed to enjoy himself and came home with VERY dirty clothes.

I went to the Pick of the Patch retreat with Jenn and
Tammy this weekend. Tammy was there as a representative of Canadian Scrapbooker magazine.

Those girls make me laugh! I seriously love them both. Jenn's friend Danielle too! She was so much fun to have around. I enjoyed the whole weekend. Jenn and I took all three of Tia's classes. And then we took one from Tracy Kyle with Tammy (Tammy took five classes I think, including both of Kate Teague's classes). I loved all of them! Tia taught a Freestyle class, Ribbonerie class and then put together her Stampilicious class with her Scriptologie class for another great class. I seriously loved the Scriptologie class! I'm going to be doodling every chance I get! She taught us how to shadow things and how to write a word with tails. So awesome! If I ever do it then I'll post it! I asked her for her photocopied transparency after the class was done because then I'll be able to do what she taught us (hopefully!!!!).

I think we only got eight hours sleep all weekend (Jenn and I had 8:30 classes both days), and I was SO tired when I left on Sunday, but it was seriously the best weekend (I look bad in the photos because of no sleep. And that's Tia's Cafe Press sweatshirt I'm wearing!)! I think we are planning a Modge Podge meeting (tee, hee) in June so we can go down to Treasury of Memories. That should be a fun day!!!!

Here's a picture of Elsie and I from a few weeks ago. When I showed it to some girls at the scrapbook store they said we looked like sisters!!! I was excited about that!

Karen is coming this weekend. I'm so excited to see her! And I hope Kelsey comes! I miss her! She's always fun to hang out with!

I'll post some layouts from both weekends sometime soon. I just have to take some good pictures of them. :)


Mary Mac said...

Sounds like you had a blast!!!!!!! Can we see your class creations???

JennD said...

That is way too funny about your contacts! It was such an awesome weekend. I haven't pulled the pics off my camera yet but I'll send them to you once I do. Mind if I link to your blog for the story of our weekend? You told it perfectly (and yes, I'm being lazy) :)

Tammy said...

Yup, your right, I took 5 classes and had the best time! What an incredible experience and I'm so glad we got to hang out! I had the best time with you!!

Kelsey said...

Oh my, that is way too funny about your contacts!! Sorry I did not make it this past weekend, short staffed at work. Hopefully next time!!

Kate said...

Hey that's a great pic of the four of you! It was great to see you at the retreat...Can I come to you Mod Podge meeting too? Please?!? ;)